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Did you know that many common foods and herbs have potent antiviral properties?

Many of them have even been shown in scientific laboratory studies to inhibit viral cell replication, specifically of influenza type viruses, as well as targeting and activating the increased immune function of the respiratory tract.

You’ve walked past many of these food and herbs in your grocery store on a regular basis, not knowing their ability to activate and strengthen your body’s ability to resist and fight viral infection, lessen symptoms should an infection occur, and strengthen and restore the parts of the body/organs affected by viral pathogens.

I call these foods & herbs the "Anti-Viral All-Stars" and have written a recipe book so you can incorporate them into your daily diet in a fun, easy & affordable way.

I had the idea to write, and began the research for this book at the end of Feb 2020.

I knew that given the current pandemic, many people I know and love would benefit from having the information I've put into this book, (much of which I knew already being a Certified Health and Wellness Coach in addition to all my other hats!) I hope this book will help you feel reassured, to some extent, in your own ability

to equip yourself with the knowledge needed to increase your body's ability

to fight off inflection and stay healthy through these uncertain times.


I've provided many links to the top scientific/medical articles illustrating in detail

the notable antiviral properties of these powerhouse foods & herbs,

such as blocking viral cell replication or creating an improved respiratory immune response.

I've made this book a FREE download because I want it to be available for everyone.

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Like many people, I lost my (two) sources of income

as a result of this pandemic & given the fact that I've lived "off grid"

for much of my life, doing work trades & free lancing for the most part,

it appears I do not qualify for unemployment. So... this seems to be a time

for folks like myself to take to the internet with a proactive, entrepreneurial spirit!

Therefore, any contributions great or small are deeply appreciated.

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Adventures in Kitchen Land

with the AntiViral AllStars


Adventures in Kitchen Land

with the AntiViral AllStars


I hope you enjoy your cooking adventures and my prayers and good wishes for your health and well being are going out to you!

God Bless!

~Sara Rose

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