Sara Rose Wasson


Sara Rose is an L.A. native who grew up in the entertainment industry, but as soon as she was old enough, she got as far away from it as she could, trying on many other lives and career paths, in mostly rural settings or cities abroad, from permaculture farming to taking care of other people's families and businesses to being a traveling artisan, with nothing more than what she could fit into two suitcases. All of it led to finding that, 16 years later, let's face it, L.A. is where she belongs!

After years of travel in the Pacific Northwest, Southwest, The British Isles and Europe, Sara is surprised, yet delighted to find herself finally back in her home town, doing what she was always meant to do: Sing, Act and Write.

Using the depth of experience she's accumulated over years of travel, adventure and plenty of misadventure, her storytelling and music are alive with the richness, tenderness and wit of a vulnerable, resilient and faithful heart.

A child of the LA entertainment industry, I spent most of my adult life as far away from it as I could get...Choosing instead to learn all about off grid rural living, making art, writing music, managing farms, traveling the world, learning things the hard way, the solo sojourner for many years.

All to find out that my true calling was to come back full circle to the entertainment industry! So here I am, finally ready to harness the creative gifts God's given me to tell stories of hope, healing, faith and redemption; using the life lessons, perspective and wisdom gained from my travels.

The big picture/prayer is this:
Making a living as a screenwriter, songwriter, (eventually producer too) in the (ideally) Faith Based Film and Music industry and to use that revenue to build a Ministry/501c3 that works with victims of human trafficking by securing/acquiring/creating sustainable agricultural homesteading compounds which would function as educational & healing centers and safe houses for women and children rescued from human trafficking. The ministry would also fund various food sovereignty related programs on Native Reservations. (Hopi and Lakota specifically)

These are all things I feel so passionate about and I pray that my creative works can provide the necessary funds to spend the rest of my life pouring my heart into a creative ministry on such a large scale. I have it in me, I just need to be connected to the right people, gather the right team and have the right support and backing.

Perhaps you'd like to help me accomplish that?