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Whether writing for the local paper in Topanga Canyon, working on an original Screenplay or  chipping away at a novel,  Sara Rose loves weaving personal experience, humor, vulnerability and personal truths into her story telling.

Her first screenplay is an inspirational romance entitled:


"When jaded poet Zefer Harrel follows a chance encounter that leads him to a mountain top village in Southern France, his notebook is accidentally swapped with that of heartbroken singer Sadie Briallen's and an unexpected change of life perspective awaits them both in this Capra-esque, music filled romance that will make the lover swoon, the seeker search and the cynic believe again!"

Her second script is an Inspirational Drama & Redemptive Love Story called,


"When hopeless romantic Magdalene Mitchell's world is shaken by a brutal experience that nearly kills her, she finds new hope and healing in a relationship with God. Through the temping twists and transformational turns, will she learn to discern the difference between her will and His?"


 She also has a Show Bible and Three 60 minute episodes ready to pitch  for a Dramedy series about her time working on cannabis farms in the redwoods of Northern California ... with a very different demographic than that usually shown in films and documentaries...Sara has the inside scoop on a never before seen  side of the Humboldt County Cannabis industry!

She is available for hire if you have a story you would like to turn into a Screenplay and loves to give extensive notes on any existing screenplays in need of feedback.

To request a synopsis of Sara's scripts, please contact her.

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