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Green Water

A child of the LA entertainment industry, Sara spent most

of her adult life as far away from it as she could get...

Choosing instead to immerse herself in off grid rural living, making art, writing music, studying natural healing and herbalism, taking care of other people's children, parents, gardens, animals, homes and businesses...

Sara traveled the world on a shoe string, learning much

the hard way, a solo sojourner for many years, owning

nothing more that what she could fit into two suitcases.

All of these steps along the way led to her true calling:

Coming back full circle to the entertainment industry to harness her creative God given gifts to tell stories of hope, healing, faith and redemption; using the life lessons, perspective and wisdom gained from her travels.

Coming back to LA 15 years later (Fall 2018) to start from scratch with one completed feature script under her belt,

Sara began writing for the local Topanga Newspaper;

co-hosted and then led a 20 person weekly screenwriter's group, wrote a second, award winning feature script,

several episodes and a show Bible for a series,

sang with Bing Crosby's grandson at the historic

Cicada Club in Downtown LA, started

a short film maker's group  and  recorded and released

a single. …By fall of 2020

As an award winning Screenwriter, she specializes in

Music Driven Dramas with an emphasis on human vulnerability; a raw, real and redemptive look at life's challenges, with an over all theme of God's Love being

the indisputable rainbow on the other side of life's many painful storms. Her work has made official selection

and been nominated at several Film Festivals.

As a Singer and Songwriter, Sara is a chameleon,

effortlessly evoking the 1940's big band era sound

just as easily as she can belt the blues,

sing a gentle folk ballad, transport you with an

ancient Celtic melody or get you moving with some

funky gospel soul. Not only can she sing in all of these

genres, but she writes originals in them too.

Her latest Single "Love is Calling" earned her a

nomination for "Best Songwriter and Performing Artist"

at ICFF in 2021 - The largest Faith Based Film and Music

festival in the world.

She loves to collaborate, facilitate and bring people

together to create something bigger than themselves

with the aim of inspiring hearts and minds and restoring people's faith in an Awesome God who truly loves them

and has an amazing plan for their life...

Abstract Horizon
Blues in Topanga
At the Cicada Club in the
Historic Oviatt Building, Downtown LA
On the set of "Rest Fast" with the
Topanga Film Makers Collaborative
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