Sara Rose Wasson


I am an L.A. native who grew up in the entertainment industry, but have spent most of my adult life as far away from it as I could get.

Trying on many other lives and career paths, in mostly rural settings or cities abroad, from permaculture farming  to taking care of other people's children or grandparents or gardens, animals, homes or businesses to being a traveling artisan, owning nothing more than what I could fit into two suitcases.


All of that led to me realizing my true calling was to come back full circle, 18 years later, to the entertainment industry!


So here I am, finally ready to harness the creative gifts God's given me to tell stories of hope, healing, faith and redemption; using the challenging/rewarding life lessons, perspective and wisdom gained from my travels.

The big picture/prayer is this:

To create a production company that specializes in Music Driven Dramas with an emphasis on human vulnerability, true to life challenges and an uplifting message.

The screenplays I've written - and will continue to write -  are raw, real & redemptive

with an over arching narrative of God's Love being the indisputable rainbow

on the other side of life's painful storms.




It is my deep desire and heartfelt intention to use funds generated from my work to create a Ministry/501c3, that purchases/establishes rural sustainable ranches to be used as

safe houses & healing centers for women and children rescued from human trafficking.

Weaving together art, music, creative writing, bio-dynamic gardening/farming,

holistic health care, skills of practical self sufficiency and entrepreneurship,

surrounded by the wonders of the natural world, these ranches would be pivotal epicenters of  hope, healing, resilience and the promise of the new life found in becoming a New Creation.

The ministry would also fund various food sovereignty/gardening

related programs on the Lakota Reservation.

These are all things I feel so passionate about and for which

I feel God has wholly equipped me over the course of my past.

I pray that my creative works and gifts can provide the necessary funds to spend

the rest of my life pouring my heart into a creative ministry on such a large scale.

I have it in me, I just need to be connected to the right people, gather the right team

and have the right support and backing.


Perhaps you'd like to be involved and help me accomplish this grand, God given vision?

Or are interested to see more detailed blueprints/description/action plan?

I've got 'em!

Get In Touch!