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Sara loves to write stories of many genres as long as they make you laugh, make you think and make you want to love deeper, stronger and better than before... because who wants a life filled with regrets?

Her specialty is writing "Faith-based" with an edgy, R-rated angle that does not shy away from the truth behind our brokenness and the depths to which we can fall when we have been tested to our breaking point... For it is here where the best stories of transformation and resilience truly begin.

Through her unique lens of rich experience and hard won insight, combined with her passion for story and razor sharp intuition; her raw, real and redemptive stories emphasize the beauty and complexity of human vulnerability, delve deep into the heart of trauma and pain and echo the truth that life's greatest challenges often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.

OFFICIAL SELECTION 2023 - New York Tri-State International Film Festival - THIRD LOVES A C


- The Capra-esque, music filled romance between a poet and a songstress

that takes place in Southern France. -

"When jaded poet Zefer Harrel follows a chance encounter that leads him to

a mountain top village in Southern France, his notebook is accidentally swapped

with that of heartbroken singer Sadie Briallen's and an unexpected change of

life perspective awaits them both in this Capra-esque, music filled romance

that will make the lover swoon, the seeker search and the cynic believe again!"

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Global Indie Film Fest 2021 - THIRD LOVES A CHARM.png
Quarter Finalist - 2021 Faith in Film International Film Festival and Screenwriting Compet
NOMINATED FOR BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY - Content 2022 Film Festival and Media Summit - THI


- A gritty R-Rated Faith flick that follows the transformative journey of a modern day Mary Magdalene -


"When hopeless romantic Magdalene Mitchell's world is rocked by a brutal experience that nearly kills her,

she finds new hope and healing in a relationship with God.

Through tempting twists and transformational turns,

will she learn to discern the difference between her will and His?

WINNER - BEST SCREENPLAY - Content Film Festival Media Summit - MAGGIES STORY.png


- A 1930's Gangster Shoot 'em up with an Unexpected Romance and a Redemptive Silver Lining.


"After discovering their boss hid half-a-million dollars at an iconic hotel in the Southwest, two bootleg bank robbers on the run set out to find the cash. Hoping the money will buy then a chance to "go straight", they are instead lured into a battle royale beyond anything they ever expected."

(Co-Written with J.D. Marmion)


- An Indie, Singer/Songwriter, Unconventional Rom-Com.

Think Capra's "It Happened One Night" meets "The Hustler" meets "Once" 


"Chasing down dreams in opposite directions, two singer-songwriters with nothing in common and nothing left to lose cross paths at a bus stop, altering the course of each other's lives for ever "

(Co-Written with Thor Ramsey)


 - A Short -

"A Father calls his Son home to give him what little he has left, a purple heart.

The Son struggles to forgive the Father, The Father struggles to forgive himself."

BEST SHORT SCRIPT - StoryMode Independent Short Film Awards - FATHER AND SON.png


- A 60 minute, multi season Dramedy Series inspired my my 5 years of living and working on Organic Farms in

Humboldt County, with a kooky cast of characters unlike any portrayed before. -


"This Is Growing tells the story of the lives, loves, losses and laughs that surround a never before seen

community, deep in the heart of Humboldt County's Cannabis Industry.

Knowing how to grow it, will get you in it; but knowing how to change is the only way out."

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