I have always loved to write but didn't  try my hand at Screenwriting until the vision of a film/story came crashing into my head November 2017 in the middle of a long prayer/talk with God about Love, True Love, timing, heartbreak, learning, yearning...you get the idea..

      In one illuminating flash, I  distinctly saw the opening shot, the setting, the overall narrative, the two protagonists broken hearted by two previous relationships,.,ready to give up on love until they find that perhaps, it's "Third Love's a Charm!"

            "Wow! That's a movie! I've got to figure out how to write that!" I said.. and then like a scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, I looked up and cheered, " Good idea, oh Lord" to which I could hear His booming response. , " Course it's a good idea!!"

So I ordered some books on screenwriting and the rest is history!





"When jaded poet Zefer Harrel follows a chance encounter that leads him to

a mountain top village in Southern France, his notebook is accidentally swapped

with that of heartbroken singer Sadie Briallen's and an unexpected change of

life perspective awaits them both in this Capra-esque, music filled romance that will make the lover swoon, the seeker search and the cynic believe again!"




"When hopeless romantic Magdalene Mitchell's world is shaken by a brutal experience

that nearly kills her, she finds new hope and healing in a relationship with God.

Through the temping twists and transformational turns, will she learn to discern the difference between her will and His?"

I am currently working on a book based on my travels , titled ALL IN  GOOD  TIME...

And also in the process of writing my third Screenplay , a story that spans three generations into a dystopian future reality  echoing the best of Huxley, Orwell... and the Days of Noah...so it shall be...